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Our Vision

Inheriting the Postal Life Insurance Service social mission of “protecting the means of fundamental livelihood of the public through simple procedures,” we have set forth our management philosophy of “Be a trustful partner for people, always being close at hand and endeavoring to protect their well-being,” and aim to become the No. 1 Japanese insurance company selected by customers by taking advantage of the reliable and trustworthy Kampo brand.

Management Philosophy

Medium-term Management Plan 2020

In May 2018, the Japan Post Group announced the “Japan Post Group Medium-term Management Plan 2020,” a new Medium-term Management Plan for the period from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019 to the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021.
Under this new Medium-term Management Plan, we have set “pursue customer first business operations,” “achieve sustainable growth,” and “maintain sound business operations” as our fundamental management approach, and aim to increase profit in both sales and asset management amid various changes in the external environment, such as a declining birthrate and an aging population and extremely low interest rates, and reverse the decreasing trend and achieve growth in annualized premiums from policies in force.

Reversal and Growth of In-force Policies

Diversification of Asset Management

Principal Numerical Target (FY2021/3)

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