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About Japan Post Insurance

Where can I find the basic information about Japan Post Insurance?

Please refer to “Corporate Profile”.

When was the beginning of the Japan Post Insurance?

The origin of Japan Post Insurance was Postal Life Insurance Services inaugurated within Ministry of Communications in October 1, 1916.

About Financial Data and IR Events

When is start/end of fiscal year of Japan Post Insurance?

Fiscal year is from April 1 to March 31.

What is the IR activities of Japan Post Insurance?

Please refer to the “IR Events”.

About Stock Information

Which stock exchange is Japan Post Insurance listed?

It is Tokyo Stock Exchange-First Section.

What is stock code?

It is 7181.
Please refer to the “Stock Information

What is share trading units?

It is 100 shares.
Please refer to the “Stock Information”.

What is the shareholder benefit plan of Japan Post Insurance?

We have no such plan.

About General Meeting of Shareholders

When is general meeting of shareholders?

We plan to hold in June in every year.

When is the record date of general meeting of shareholders?

It is March 31.

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