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Management Philosophy, Management Policy, Code of Conduct

Management Philosophy

Be a trustful partner for people, always being close at hand and endeavoring to protect their well-being.

Our Management Philosophy is a determination that all executives and employees will work together to be always close at hand and to protect the well-being of every one of our customers.

To realize our Management Philosophy, we have established the Management Policy, defining in concrete terms the attitude we should aim toward, and the Code of Conduct, setting out the norms that every executive and employee must actively work to follow. Under the Management Policy and Code of Conduct, we will make our Management Philosophy a reality and enhance our corporate value.

Management Policy

We aim to become the No.1 Japanese insurance company selected by customers.

  1. We are always close to people's lives, offering easy-to-understand products and high-quality services.
  2. We always ensure that employees who have contact with our customers make full use of their strengths to offer better customer services.
  3. We create a working environment in which all employees can develop their talents and work with energy and vitality.
  4. We practice sound management based on strong corporate governance, constantly creating new value to achieve sustainable growth.
  5. We actively contribute to health promotion, environmental protection, and the development of local communities and society as a whole.
  6. We work to communicate closely with all stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

  1. We put the customer first in everything we do.
  2. We offer comprehensive and heartfelt services by working together closely with our business partners.
  3. We always improve ourselves, embarking on new challenges and contributing to the development of the company and society.
  4. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring compliance based on a strong ethical sense of the company as a responsible member of society.
  5. We respect human rights and create a diverse and inclusive working environment.