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September 2006Established Kampo Co., Ltd. under the Postal Service Privatization Act
October 2007Changed trade name to Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd. in line with commencement of life insurance business
Started Postal Life Insurance management operations under commission from the Organization for Postal Savings, Postal Life Insurance and Post Office Network
December 2007Obtained approval for new operations (liberalization of investment products)
June 2008 Commenced commissioned sales of life insurance products for corporate clients
July 2008Launched Sono hi kara, a new hospitalization rider
July 2009Established branches in all prefectures through opening of the Nara Branch and Wakayama Branch
October 2011JAPAN POST INSURANCE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd. (current consolidated subsidiary) became a subsidiary
April 2014Launched Hajime no Kampo, an educational endowment insurance
July 2014Commenced handling commissioned sales of cancer insurance products for American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Note 1)
October 2015Launched Shin Free Plan (short-term premium payment), an endowment insurance
November 2015Listed common stock on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Commenced commissioned sales of life insurance products for corporate clients (general welfare group term insurance, etc.)
March 2016Obtained approval for new operations (underwriting of reinsurance and related services)
Business alliance with The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited (Note 2)
October 2017Launched Sono hi kara Plus, a new medical rider
Launched Shin Nagaiki Kun Low Cash Value Plan, a new whole life insurance (low cash value)
Launched Choju no Shiawase, a longevity support insurance (low cash value)
December 2018Obtained approval for new operations (underwriting of ordinary whole life insurance, special whole life insurance, ordinary endowment insurance and comprehensive medical rider, with relaxed underwriting criteria; and underwriting of advanced medical rider)
April 2019Launched Kampo ni Omakase, products with relaxed underwriting criteria; and an advanced medical care rider
Secondary offering of common stock of the Company


  1. The Japan branch of the U.S. corporation was established as a Japanese corporation and the business conducted by the Japan branch was succeeded to the Japanese corporation. As a result, our contract partner as of March 31, 2019 is Aflac Life Insurance Japan Ltd.
  2. Due to an internal transfer of management within the group of our business partner, our business alliance is with Dai-ichi Life Holdings, of March 31, 2019.

History of Postal Life Insurance

October 1916Foundation of Postal Life Insurance business by the Ministry of Communications
October 1926Foundation of postal annuity business by the Ministry of Communications
June 1949Establishment of The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
January 2001Creation of Postal Services Agency as part of realignment of government ministries
April 2003Establishment of Japan Post

As of March 31, 2021