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The Concept of Sustainability

Basic Concept

Our predecessor, Postal Life Insurance Service, was launched with the social mission of "protecting the means of fundamental livelihood of the public through simple procedures."
We have been privatized, but our mission to support people's lives through insurance has not changed.
Under our management philosophy "Be a trustful partner for people, always being close at hand and endeavoring to protect their well-being", we have set a "Sustainability Policy" to help resolve social issues and to work to achieve SDGs by fulfilling our social mission (purpose) and meeting social needs in an age of the 100-year life.
We are also working to resolve issues related to sustainability through our business activities.

Basic Concept

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Sustainability Promotion System

To strengthen our sustainability promotion system, we set up the Sustainability Committee as a consultation committee for the Executive Committee and the Sustainability Promotion Office in April 2021.
The Sustainability Committee promotes strategies, plans, etc. that contribute to resolving social issues related to sustainability by discussing specific strategies toward the realization of SDGs, reporting on the implementation of sustainability activities, etc.
The status of on-going Sustainability Committee discussions is reported to the Executive Committee in a timely manner, and important issues are discussed and decided by the Executive Committee and reported to the Board of Directors.

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Sustainability Implementation Plan

To ensure the effective and smooth implementation of our sustainability activities, we have formulated a cross-divisional Sustainability Implementation Plan that outlines measures that are closely related to each other. The Sustainability Implementation Plan designates a responsible officer for each plan, and progress is reported regularly to the Sustainability Committee.

Sustainability Implementation Plan for FY2023

(1) Efforts to protect customers with the power of insurance
(2) Efforts for ESG promotion, respect for human rights, and social contribution
(3) Efforts for decarbonization and other environmental protections
(4) Efforts to improve customers' well-being and health management
(5) Efforts to strengthen human capital
(6) Efforts to improve and strengthen compliance

Promoting Sustainability at Each Base

To achieve solutions to social issues through all our business activities, we are taking initiatives to promote sustainability at each base.

Appointment of a Sustainability Key Person

In order to promote company-wide sustainability activities, we have appointed a sustainability key person at each business site. The sustainability key persons play a leading role in encouraging employees to change their behavior, and are responsible for organizing training programs to promote understanding and awareness of sustainability at their sites, as well as for specifying and promoting various activities.

Conducting Study Sessions and e-Learning Training

To deepen understanding of sustainability and SDGs, we conduct online study sessions for our appointed sustainability key persons by inviting external lecturers. We also offer e-learning training for all employees. We also provide opportunities for employees to exchange opinions in small groups on the theme of sustainability, so that each employee can make sustainability their own business and take autonomous action.

Kampo Reform Project / SDGs (Sustainability Activities) Category

We have established the SDGs (sustainability activities) category as one of the categories of the Kampo reform project, an internal program that aims to reform our corporate culture by revitalizing inner communication. Each base makes outstanding examples of its initiatives well known across the Company, leading to an increase in new initiatives.

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Contributing to Society through Life Insurance Business

Through the life insurance business, we protect customers' lives by paying insurance claims to customers throughout Japan.

Insurance Claims/Annuities/Benefit Payments (FY2023/3)

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Includes payments for Postal Life Insurance Policies reinsured by us from the Management Network.
For convenience, payments under Postal Life Insurance Policies are recorded for each event of payment under the contract with the policyholder as opposed to the classification recorded in the financial statements.

Extremely Large Customer Base

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The number of customers is the sum of policyholders and insured persons (including individual insurance and individual annuities as well as Postal Life Insurance reinsured by us).
The number of policies in force includes Postal Life Insurance reinsured by us.

The Post Office Network and Japan Post Insurance Offices across Japan

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"Post offices" indicates the number of post offices undertaking life insurance solicitation, and "Contracted post offices" indicates the number of contracted post offices that have concluded life insurance solicitation consignment contracts.
The number of sales personnel represents those serving in the Whole Sales Division at branches, or a specific section in the Head Office Whole Sales Department (referring exclusively to life insurance sales personnel), as well as managers and consultants (employees who mainly visit customers' homes, etc.) serving at the Retail Service Division at branches.

Products with Easy Procedures and Smaller Coverage Amounts

The Company provides simple and easy-to-understand products (with easy procedures and smaller coverage amounts) and services, focusing on endowment insurance and whole life insurance, through the nationwide network of post offices.

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