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Status of Our Sustainability Promotion Measures

We have formulated a Sustainability Implementation Plan related to each materiality and defined our vision and KPIs to promote various initiatives. Progress reports regarding the Sustainability Implementation Plan are made at the Sustainability Committee, and timely reports are also made to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. (Please see Sustainability Promotion System.)

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The total percentage of customers who responded as "satisfied" and "somewhat satisfied" with a 5-level rating of customer satisfaction.
NPS® (Net Promoter Score) is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld, and Satmetrix Systems, Inc. (currently NICE Systems, Inc.)
" NPS® Benchmark Study, Life Insurance Division (2021/2022)" by NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions
The results for FY2021 are shown in the table as the results for FY2022 are still being compiled.
The "MOTIVATION CLOUD" provided by Link and Motivation Inc. is used to evaluate the degree to which our employees are satisfied with their work, work environment, human relations, benefits, and other aspects of their jobs. C is the 9th from the top of all 11 levels, CCC is the 7th from the top and B is the 6th from the top. (Survey method: Questionnaire on an external website.)
Rate of employees with disabilities among all employees (including employees with fixed term jobs, etc., excluding temporary employees) of the Japan Post Group (including Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd., Yusei Challenged Co., Ltd., Japan Post Co., Ltd., Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd., Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd., and Japan Post Staff Co., Ltd.) as of June 1 of each fiscal year. Because the Company adopts group application based on the Act to Facilitate the Employment of Persons with Disabilities in calculating the rate of employees with disabilities, the target rate of people with disabilities applies to the entire Japan Post Group.