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Message from CEO

TANIGAKI Kunio Director and President, CEO, Representative Executive Officer

I am Kunio Tanigaki, appointed as President of Japan Post Insurance on June 19, 2023. I will continue to do my utmost to carry out our social mission that "We will remain trusted and selected by customers, thereby protecting their lives by providing life insurance product," and hope for your kind support.

The Postal Life Insurance Service, the predecessor of Japan Post Insurance, was founded in 1916 with the social mission of "protecting the means of fundamental livelihood of the public through simple procedures." Today, over a century later, our life insurance, simple with small coverage amounts, has supported the lives of a great number of customers. Our current management philosophy of "Be a trustful partner for people, always being close at hand and endeavoring to protect their well-being" embodies a spirit unchanged since our founding, and is our commitment to the future. I intend to steadfastly carry that mission forward.

In order to realize this mission, I believe that the power of each and every employee is of the essence. To address the various problems related to solicitation quality that arose in FY2019, management took the lead in establishing customer-first business operations by mobilizing the efforts of all employees. I am committed to continue building a corporate culture in which all employees share our vision and mission and each and every employee can take the initiative in achieving this goal.

I would like to ask for your ongoing support and patronage as we strive to meet your expectations for Japan Post Insurance continuing to evolve to a new stage.

Director and President, CEO, Representative Executive Officer