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Dividend Policy

JAPAN POST INSURANCE Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) recognizes that the distribution of profit to shareholders is an important policy of management, and distributes profits to shareholders stably, while securing management soundness.
Specifically, the Company in principle aims not to decrease but to increase dividend per share for the period of the Medium-term Management Plan up to FY2025, while considering earning prospects and financial soundness.
The Company secures internal reserves to fund stable business growth to enable it to respond to future changes in the business environment.


Dividends Per Share

Years ended March 31 FY2020 FY2021
Dividend per share
- 45.00
Dividend per share
76.00 45.00
Dividend per share
76.00 90.00
Payout ratio 25.7% 42.9%

※Reflect the expected effects of the acquisition of treasury stock conducted in May 2021.

Interim dividend

 The Company stipulates in our Articles of Incorporation that it is able to pay interim dividends with a record date of September 30 of each year. In FY2021, the Company plans to provide cash dividends twice a year as the interim and the year-end dividends.

Share Repurchase

Period of Share Repurchase Method of Repurchase Total Number of Shares Repurchased Total Amount of Repurchase(yen)
April 8, 2019 Purchases through the Off-auction Own Share Repurchase Trading system (ToSTNeT-3) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange 37,411,100 99,999,870,300
May 17, 2021 Purchases through the off-auction Own Share Repurchase Trading system (ToSTNeT-3) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange 162,906,300 358,882,578,900