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Health Promotion through Food

Japan Post Insurance's Thoughts On Food

Food is vital to one's health.

Japan Post Insurance considers healthy food to be necessary to live a healthy life throughout one's lifetime. We are promoting activities so that everyone can maintain a healthy diet. Going forward, we will provide support for health promotion through various initiatives including the Radio Exercise program and food.

Kampo Eat & Smile Project

"Eat Delicious Food and Keep One's Good Health Physically and Mentally with a Smile!"

Japan Post Insurance hopes that everyone can live a healthy life throughout one's lifetime.

For this reason, we are carrying out initiatives aimed at health promotion through food.

A balanced diet is important to creating a healthy body.

In addition, eating delicious food together with others creates smiles on everyone's face

and improves mental health.

Eat & Smile is Japan Post Insurance's project to promote physical and mental health through food.

Kampo Eat & Smile

Kampo Eat & Smile Café November 16 (Monday) through 23 (Monday), 2015

At "Kampo Eat & Smile Café," open for a limited time, we have prepared an original menu that is good for the body and uses ingredients with particular attention to the area of production and seasonality.
The café provides an original menu whereby a part of the price of the dishes(5%) is donated to Second Harvest Japan.
Japan Post Insurance also donates the same amount as a matching gift, and the donations of this project will be contributed to activities of the "project to support children's diet" at Second Harvest Japan.

Kampo Eat & Smile Café Photo01
Kampo Eat & Smile
Kampo Eat & Smile Café Photo02
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Kampo Eat & Smile X Yoshimoto

Sumimasu Geinin Gourmet Report

"Sumimasu Geinin," each of whom has moved to Japan's 47 prefectures to live and work, send out information on food from the places they live.
They report information about "food" and "health" unique to the area through Twitter.
They also post messages about seasonal ingredients and local dishes they recommend from each area, and trivial facts or memories related to food.

Launch of Sumimasu Geinin "Gourmet Report" Project!
Eat Delicious Food and Keep One's Good Health Physically and Mentally with a Smile!

Sumimasu Geinin Gourmet Report Photo

JIMOT CM COMPETITION "Eat & Smile Category"


The "Eat & Smile Category" is newly established at JIMOT CM COMPETITION.
Sumimasu Geinin, who are deeply attached to their local areas, are producing commercials to express support of the 47 prefectures from the point of "enjoying food."
The completed commercials are scheduled to be shown at the "8th Okinawa International Film Festival (April 21 through 24, 2016)."
Episodes leading up to the completion of the commercials can be found on the Twitter accounts of Sumimasu Geinin.