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Health Promotion through Food

Japan Post Insurance's Thoughts On Food

Food is a vital part in health promotion.

Japan Post Insurance considers healthy food to be necessary to live a healthy life throughout one's entire career. We are promoting food activities so that everyone can practice a healthy diet for healthy life. Going forward, we will provide support for health promotion through various initiatives including the Radio Exercise program and food.

Recipe Contest in Collaboration with COOKPAD

Japan Post Insurance held a recipe contest entitled "Simple♪Healthy Café recipes!" in cooperation with the recipe posting website COOKPAD from Monday, August 25, 2014 to Monday, September 8, 2014.

Three prizes were given for "Best Recipe using Local Ingredients," "Best Family Recipe" and "Best Simple Beauty Recipe" among recipes applied for the Healthy Café. The three winning recipes were put in the Kampo Healthy Café menu.

Limited Time Event "Kampo Healthy Café"

Kampo Healthy Café

Kampo Healthy Café

The Kampo Healthy Café is a place where healthy food is served based on customer-generated idea. The Café offers healthy meal and creates opportunities for all people to give a thought to what a healthy meal is. We believe this will lead to our ideal dietary education.

Kampo Healthy Café in Tokyo and Osaka!

Let us introduce the Kampo Healthy Café held in Tokyo and Osaka over a period of five days.

The spacious Tokyo location featured furniture made from natural materials and the Osaka location resembled a resort hotel all lined with sofa seating. Each Kampo Healthy Café decorated their space in its original way, and provided a splendid dining experience.

Shibuya Cafe Manduka (Tokyo)

Shibuya Cafe Manduka (Tokyo) 1
Shibuya Cafe Manduka (Tokyo) 2

Abeno Jambuka (Osaka)

Abeno Jambuka (Osaka) 1
Abeno Jambuka (Osaka) 2