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Creating a People-Friendly Business Environment

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

To realize the policy to "create a working environment in which all employees can develop their talents and work with energy and vitality" set forth under the Management Policy, and practice the guideline "We respect human rights and create a diverse and inclusive working environment" in the Code of Conduct, Japan Post Insurance promotes diversity management initiatives, centering on the Diversity Promotion Office established within the Human Resources Department in four fields: "Promotion of expanding roles of female employees," "Work-life balance" , "Promoting employment of persons with disabilities" and "LGBT Friendly."

Publication of Various Information Guides in Braille

We will publish contract detail notifications in braille based on requests from policyholders and others as well as publishing maturity information, pension payment information, loan information and loan repayment information in braille depending on the status of contract in force.

Child Sound Growth and Child Care Support

We held events such as "Kampo Kids Smile World®" to advocate the importance of creating an environment that will enable employees to raise children with peace of mind and balance both work and life. We will actively take initiatives in activities which contribute to the healthier nurturing of children through events such as child care support events in the future.

Special Treatment in Emergencies (emergency treatment)

We provide special treatment in emergencies (emergency treatment) when it is deemed necessary to fulfill emergency demands for customers who have experienced a disaster or injury.

The details and period of special treatment (emergency treatment) will be posted at branches and contracted post offices.

Emergency Treatment Details

  • Extension of premium payment grace period
  • Immediate payment in emergency of insurance and prepaid premiums
  • Emergency treatment of cancellation of basic contract and immediate payment in emergency of surrender benefits
  • Emergency treatment of rider cancellation and immediate payment in emergency of surrender benefits
  • Immediate payment in emergency of normal loans
  • Emergency treatment for refunds of prepaid premiums by cancelling out prior payments of premiums
  • Immediate payment in emergency of policyholders' dividends