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Promoting Environmental Conservation Activities

Basic Environmental Declaration

Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd. Basic Environmental Declaration

I Basic Principles

Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd. is looking towards the future with its customers and taking social responsibility in providing peace of mind by protecting the earth and the local environment as "Japan's most familiar and trusted insurance company." We are taking active and sustainable initiatives in environmental conservation activities.

II Basic Policies

  1. We strive to adhere to all environmental laws and regulations, ordinances and various agreements as well as to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. We will establish an environmental management system, set goals and aims of environmental initiatives and systematically carry them out. We also plan to construct a framework to regularly review these goals and aims along with making improvements to our environmental management system on an ongoing basis.
  3. We will promote initiatives towards environmental conservation and achievement of a recycling-oriented society by actively implementing global warming measures (reduction of CO2 emission through energy saving), contributing to the growth of forests (reducing paper usage and green purchase), recycling natural resources, and participating in social contribution activities, etc.
  4. We will make efforts in raising awareness of environmental issues by promoting educational activities and trainings concerning these issues.
  5. We will actively participate in and provide support for initiatives involving local environmental conservation as a company which offers peace of mind through our life insurance business within the community.
  6. We will raise our own awareness and deepen our understanding towards the environment in response to these environmental policies and will announce them to the public.

Contributions to Environmental Preservation Activities through Online Versions of the Contract Guidelines and Policy Conditions

On October 2014, we began offering online contract guidelines and policy conditions.

Previously, we provided contract guidelines and policy conditions in a paper booklet format. By selecting "web viewing," customers can now confirm the documents in a PDF format via on our Japanese website in place of paper brochures.

The provision of the online versions have improved convenience for customers by enabling them, for instance, to look at the contract guidelines and policy conditions on their computers and smartphones at any time and to search and expand the page they want to view.

Online contract guidelines and policy conditions will mean no need for the conventional brochures, thereby enabling reduction in the amount of paper used. We are making contributions to environmental conservation through donations to environmental groups that are active in growing forests based on the number of customers who use the online contract guidelines and policy conditions.

Energy Saving Efforts

Energy Saving Activities at Facilities

As one of the countermeasures against global warming, we work to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through energy saving efforts at facilities owned by Japan Post Insurance. According to the results of the energy saving diagnosis and other surveys, we constantly renovate facilities and equipment and improve their operations to achieve greater energy savings.

Examples of Energy Saving Activities

  • Renewing to energy saving lighting equipment
    Some of our facilities have carried out activities such as renewing to highly efficient lighting or LED lighting to reduce electricity usage.
  • Increased installment of inverter control panels for air conditioners
    Some of our facilities have introduced inverter control panels for air conditioner fans to reduce electricity usage.

Employee's Initiatives Based on our Guidebook

We have compiled a guidebook which includes specific energy saving initiatives to promote basic energy saving activities across the entire company. All employees are making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and copy paper usage by implementing the energy saving initiatives listed in this guidebook.

Main Initiatives Listed in the Guidebook

  • Diligently turn off lights in areas which do not interfere with business
  • Reconsider the operating time of air conditioners to save electricity
  • Diligently turn off the main power supply of office equipment not in use
  • Restrict the use of passenger elevators by using them only when going two or more floors up and three or more floors down
  • Perform duplex printing or reduced printing when possible

Japan Post Forest Program

The Japan Post Group has operated its Japan Post Forest program since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. Under this program, in collaboration with NPOs, local governments and similar organizations, the Japan Post Group allows its nationwide network of post offices to serve as a base for a wide range of activities, from reforestation to environmental education, for nurturing sustainable forests.

As part of the Japan Post Forest program, in cooperation with the NPO Donguri-no-Kai, the Group has designated an area in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture, as the Japan Post Forest (Kururi Donguri-no-Mori) for its volunteer reforestation and forest-care activities (for hardwood trees).

Activities at the Japan Post Forest(Kururi Donguri-no-Mori) (Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture) 1
Activities at the Japan Post Forest(Kururi Donguri-no-Mori) (Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture) 2

Activities at the Japan Post Forest(Kururi Donguri-no-Mori)
(Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture)