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Engagement with Employees

Corporate Culture Reform and Work Style Reform

We are taking various initiatives during the period covered by the Medium-Term Management Plan, which includes a phase for development and reconstruction of work style reform, to develop human resources who can produce results with high added value through the participation of more diverse human resources and work styles not bound by time or place. Based on the know-how we have accumulated up to now, we are rolling out work style reforms throughout the Company to create a corporate culture where all employees find self fulfillment and job satisfaction.

Virtuous circle spiral image by work style reform

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Image of initiatives in each organization

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Efforts to Improve the Work Environment

Employee Satisfaction Survey (ES Survey)

We conduct employee satisfaction survey (ES survey) annually to clarify "images of the ideal company and workplace for employees," to identify the issues and problems of each base and make continual improvements.

Efforts to Improve Communication

To strengthen coordination between the head office and the front lines, as well as information communicated from management, we implement communication measures, such as the introduction of "Direct Suggestions to the President of Japan Post Insurance" for employees to directly present opinions and proposals to the President, periodic distribution of messages from the President to all employees, and opinion exchange meetings between officers and employees.
We will continue these communication programs, strengthen collaboration not only between the head office and front-line personnel but also with organizations and departments, and aim to become a company that strives to respond to customers' expectations with company-wide togetherness.

Direct Suggestions to the President of Japan Post Insurance

As with feedback from customers, management and related departments focus on the effectiveness and feasibility of implementing opinions and proposals received from employees through "Direct Suggestions to the President of Japan Post Insurance" to improve operations. In addition, they function to detect risks.

Dialogue with Management

In February 2020, we began conducting meetings for the exchange of opinions between management and employees (Dialogue with Management) to broadcast messages from management to employees and foster better internal communications.

President's Message: Mr. Senda's Frankly Speaking

Since FY2020, we have published Mr. Senda's Frankly Speaking twice monthly on our portal site. This message is an opportunity for President Senda to speak frankly to employees.
Our president holds a dialogue with executives and employees related to each topic, such as corporate culture reform and Medium-Term Management Plan, and then conveys his frank thoughts on the topic to all employees.

President's Message

Small Meetings for Addressing Sustainability

To encourage understanding of sustainability, we hold regular meetings at the workplace level to exchange opinions about sustainability. In principle, these meetings consist of small groups to foster an environment in which every person can express his or her ideas freely.

Promotion of Telework

We strive to improve operations and productivity via telework. We also strive for employee well-being, and in FY2020, we began implementing telework, aiming for a frequency of twice a week. To implement telework more effectively, we continue to improve the telework environment through paperless work, more flexibility and training in the use of communication tools, and the adoption of cloud storage services to cope with the increase in data volume. In these ways and more, we strive to break away from work flows based on the premise of physical office attendance.