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Engagement with Customers

Japan Post Insurance recognizes that the voices of our customers are valuable assets. We value dialogue with customers, and will strive to develop a structure for the ceaseless creation of new convenience for customers and to pursue quality services. In addition, reviewing our services daily based on customer input in order to increase our customers' satisfaction is fundamental to improving our business.

Basic Policy for Customer-first Business Operations

In the best interests of every customer, we announced our vision for customer-first business operations, along with the measures needed to ensure its realization in terms of our framework and business operations, as our "Basic Policies for Customer-first Business Operations."
The entire Company will work as one in an effort to further improve and develop customer-first business operations based on the "Basic Policies for Customer-first Business Operations."

Initiatives to Utilize Customer Feedback in Management

In addition to developing and improving products and services based on customer feedback, our Directors and Executive Officers, as well as our employees, give careful consideration to and act on customer feedback to ensure customer-first business operations.
We received a lot of feedback comments from our customers through the post offices and Japan Post Insurance Call Centers. The customer feedback is compiled and centrally managed by our Customer Experience Department. We analyze the feedback to improve our services and develop superior products with the aim of providing services that bring satisfaction to our customers.
We also held the "CS Conference" with external experts to receive opinions for improving customer satisfaction.

Initiatives to Utilize Customer Feedback in Management

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Cases of Product and Service Improvements Using Customer Feedback

Our business is supported by the various opinions we receive from our customers. In fact, we have improved a number of services based on the advice we received.
We will continue to respond sincerely to customer feedback and utilize such feedback in our operations.

Approach to Policyholder Protection

We strive to resolve complaints about insurance payments and other matters through our Customer Service Offices and other departments.
In certain cases, it is difficult to resolve a dispute in the course of customer consultations, such as when a customer is not convinced by the explanations provided by the Customer Service Offices, and the customer will request a review from a third party. In these cases, we form Claims-Related Services Review Session consisting of outside attorneys and other individuals to conduct an impartial review at the request of the policyholder. This approach protects the legitimate interests of policyholders and other parties, while we maintain the proper execution of assessments and other operations.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We conduct a "Customer Satisfaction Survey (Customer Feedback Survey)" to directly receive opinions from customers who have purchased policies issued by the Company, and we use them to improve insurance services.

Quantity and Content of Customer Feedback (Gratitude and Compliments)

We publish notes of gratitude and compliments received from customers.
We continue to strive to improve services from the point of view of the customer to receive even more positive feedback.

Quantity and Content of Customer Feedback (Complaints)

To increase the transparency of our management, we disclose complaints received from our customers and provide a breakdown of the number of complaints.